Why You Should Rock Climb

“Climbing teaches competency, commitment, discipline, the ability to set goals and accomplish them, the perseverance to keep going when the going gets tough, and a discerning, yet pragmatic, quit-your-whining-and-get-after-it approach to the challenges life brings.”
-Chris Noble in Women Who Dare

Why you should take up rock cilmbing | Climbing at the Schoolroom Ogden, UT

I’m not sure how many of you know that Friday I got laid off at my job. The school I worked for had to do some serious restructuring and my position was one of the ones affected. Let me just say that this past weekend was rough. It was filled with lots of tears, anxiety, anger, sadness, and feelings of defeat. That is why when Lyle and I went climbing last night it was much needed therapy.

Rock climbing is more than just climbing some rocks – so much more. Most people think it is scary and only for super strong people. But in reality it is for anyone who is willing to learn, work hard, and get to know themselves better.

Why you should take up rock climbing

Rock climbing has taught me a lot about myself. In my almost 6 years of climbing I have learned and been reminded of aspects of my personality and attitude that without climbing I could have easily ignored. I have learned:

    – I give up on myself way too easily. Rather than keep trying when I fail I, more times than not, give up. If it wasn’t for Lyle pushing me to keep going on difficult climbs I wouldn’t have finished half the climbs I have.

    – I can accomplish greatness if I set my mind to it. Through climbing I have learned that I can do more than I give myself credit for. I have the nasty tendency to be very negative about myself, but when I defeat a climb I actually feel accomplished.

    – I can overcome fear. Every time I get on a rock I am a little scared but I push through that fear and climb.

The lessons I have learned through climbing are endless, but that’s not really the point I want to make with this post. What I want to tell you all is why you should rock climb.

“Climbing quietly promotes character – the strength and resilience of the human spirit that confronts the vicissitudes of life with confidence and good humor.”
-Chris Noble in Women Who Dare

My wish is that all of you would try rock climbing because…

    – It teaches commitment. Once you are on a rock and you commit to it the thrill and adrenaline rush is fantastic. And the sense of accomplishment once you have reached the top is matchless.

    – It teaches discipline. You have to be disciplined in your moves on and off the wall. Once you get hooked to climbing you also have to be disciplined in your conditioning so that you improve your abilities.

    – It helps you persevere. Rock climbing requires believing in yourself and pushing yourself or you will never reach the top.

    – You can set tangible goals and work hard to accomplish them. If you are anything like me you like checklists. They allow me to see my progress and check off completed tasks. With climbing your checklist is a rock face and once you’ve reached the top the sense of accomplishment is 100 times more rewarding than checking off a checklist.

    – You learn strength and resilience. Y’all, it’s inevitable – in life and in climbing – at some point you will fall. But that’s OK.

What matters is not the fall but that you pick yourself up and keep going.

What matters is not the fall but that you pick yourself up and keep going.
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I understand that not all of y’all are in a place to try rock climbing, but I do hope that these lessons it teaches stay with you. Always remember that you can do more than you think you can. It’s up to you to try.


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