Summer Refreshments

It’s summertime! Of course, it’s hard to tell around here this week with the temperatures down in the low 50s here. But despite the weather this time of year gets me thinking about the beach, warm sand between my toes, a good book, and nice refreshing cup of green tea.

Iced green tea is my go-to refreshing drink for summer – followed closely by Diet Coke.

For this month’s group feature for my fabulous sponsors I wanted to find out their go-to drink.

| What is your favorite summer drink? |

Refreshing Summer Drink

Meg | Rivers and Roads
My go-to summer drink is a glass of sweet tea with lemon. I am southern to the core when it comes to my sweet tea. πŸ˜‰
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Jess | Polished Arrow
Lemonade! To me, it just screams summer! It goes perfect with an afternoon grill out or barbecue and is great when laying on the beach. Pink or regular, it is just delicious.
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Jessy | The Artsy Cajun
My refreshing summer drink of choice has to be iced sweet tea! So Southern, I know, but it’s soooooo good, Y’all!
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| What’s your favorite refreshing summer drink? |


11 thoughts on “Summer Refreshments

    1. That is a good combo. I would have to say I prefer tea by itself for a majority of the time. But that is always a good option for an occasional “something different” drink.

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