My Heart Needs a Good Dusting

Psalm 119
I hate dusting! I’m talking a deep steaming hatred. I mean what’s the point really? The benefits of dusting are so fleeting. Two seconds after I dust in my house everything is covered with a thin layer of fresh dust. Am I the only one that experiences the futility of dusting? I can’t imagine I am.

But I digress….

Psalm 119:25 says, “My soul clings to the dust; give me life according to your word.”

For the past few days I have been studying Psalm 119. I am only 50 verses into this 176 verse Psalm and I am already overwhelmed with my lack of passion and hunger for God’s Word. This Psalm is chock full of prayers to God thanking Him for His commands and promises. It is full of statements proclaiming a love of scripture!

As I sit back and evaluate my feelings (the majority of the time) I cannot honestly say that I live my life with an overwhelming adoration for God’s Word.

After all, if I did experience such passionate worship in spending time in God’s Word I wouldn’t let distractions pull me away from it. But instead I “cling to dust.” I find any and every distraction I can. I spend my time watching TV, reading, and working. I am ashamed to admit that I far too often fill my day with so many distractions that I fall asleep at night without even thinking about spending time with God in His Word.

How is it that I can hate dust so much, but at the same time cling to it so strongly? My daily distractions are no different from those pesky dust particles that time and time again appear on my furniture.

But there is one difference. Unlike physical dusting, a spiritual dusting of my heart is not futile. Rather it is vital to LIFE!! God gives life.

What better way to feel alive than spending time with Him?

It’s time for a good heart dusting! How about you?


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