Prayer Requests

Moments for the journey prayer request page

I thought I would create a page devoted to prayer requests. This way we can pray together as the body of Christ. Please feel free to add your prayer requests as comments at the bottom of this page or shoot me an e-mail. I would love to pray with you!

Isn’t it awesome to have a church family in which to count on in times of need?

Our prayer requests:

  • Pray that the teens in my youth group will begin to invite their friends to youth group more.
  • Pray that the teens will stay connected in their relationship with God. Pray that they won’t leave it behind as life begins to change for them as they get older and become more independent.
  • Pray for Lyle and I as we try to become more organized in our ministry.

4 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

      1. The study keeps getting cancelled deri all this strange weather. My friends and others keep asking when our next meet will be so I take that as a positive, but I am very drained and desire to feel the motivating fire of god inside of me. There’s is lots to do for spring to go as planned and I will definantly need the lords grace to accomplish all of them.

      2. It’s going great so far! I pray that we will have the resources to reach more students because currently we don’t and I pray that faithful followers of Christ would awake with this ministry and take action and stand for Christ. Thank u for ur prayers

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