Alphabet Dating | Letter I

alphabet dating letter i

As Lyle and I sat down to plan our letter i date it was not hard to come up with the idea to go to Ikea. I mean, what better way to spend the day than walking around Ikea and planning designs for our tiny house?

alphabet dating letter i

We literally spent all day roaming around Ikea and looked at everything! There are so many beautiful things there and a lot of storage ideas. Here were some of our favorites:
Click on the pictures to see the item details

Ikea SÖFTEN Rug, flatwoven, black, white

Ikea ALVINE RUTA Rug, flatwoven, white/yellow

Ikea FÅRDRUP Faux sheepskin, gray

Ikea LAPPLJUNG RUTA Rug, low pile, white/black

Ikea NORDEN Gateleg table, birch

Ikea NORNÄS 4 drawer chest with 2 compartments, pine, gray

After spending hours exploring Ikea, we decided to have dinner at the Ikea Bistro. Lyle had salmon and I went with the delicious Swedish meatballs.

alphabet dating letter i

That was our letter i date!

| What are other “I” date ideas? |
| What is your favorite Ikea product? |


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