Tiny House Inspiration | 3 |

As Lyle and I continue to design our tiny house and work out our floor plans I cannot stop pinning ideas for our dream home. I’ve previously shared a few of our inspirations like this floor plan and this siding.  Today I wanted to share a few more of my most recent inspirations.

open up your kitchen| source | Is this not the most amazing window you have ever seen? I would love to have this window in my tiny house kitchen. With this window our tiny house living space would feel huge! I cannot imagine a better way to connect nature and our home.

neutral home decor | source|

neutral home decor | source | Lately I have been totally in love with this neutral color-scheme. The blacks, browns, and white are so calming and relaxing.

small kitchen storage | source | One of the challenges of a tiny house is using space efficiently. This use of this space beside the refrigerator. It’s a great way to store cleaning supplies!

tiny house stairs | source | Speaking of storage…check out these tiny house stairs! I like the design – not so much the color or the knobs.

tiny house stairs | source | This stair design is also intriguing!

rolling kitchen counter | source | I love the way the design of this pull-out counter! It is the perfect way to add more counter space to our kitchen but also saving space when the counter space is not needed.

industrial shelves | source | Lately I have fallen completely in love with industrial pipe shelves.

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| Have you seen any cool tiny house inspirations recently? |


4 thoughts on “Tiny House Inspiration | 3 |

  1. This is all so beautiful! The other day my husband and I were driving around, and we stumbled upon a company that sold portable classrooms…and a tiny house. It came with solar panels and a composter and everything you need for a green lifestyle… and I already forgot the name of the company! We’ve made a note to drive around that way again and check it out.

  2. Gorgeous inspirations! I, too, think the whites with the neutral colors are very calming. And I can only imagine in a tiny house you’d need calming every once in a while. šŸ™‚

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