Tiny House Inspiration | 2 |

Recently I have been spending quite a bit of time dreaming about our tiny house, and pinning lots of ideas for it’s design (both inside and out). Today I wanted to share a few of those pins that have been inspiring me.

Tiny house siding| source |
I absolutely adore this siding. I love the combination of the different color woods. This is the homiest siding option I have found so far.

tiny house - sliding pocket door| source |
Lyle and I are planning on using a pocket door for our bathroom in the tiny house (if at all possible), but I had not thought about painting it a fun color.

Tiny house - Making a small space look bigger| source |
We are definitely wanting to have white walls in our tiny house. It really does make the space feel bigger. I am also wanting to find a nice striped rug to help the space feel wider.

Tiny house - Wood flooring| source |
Could this wood flooring be any more beautiful? I’m not the biggest fan of this pattern, but boy do I love the details in this wood.

Tiny house folding porch| source |
Due to weight restrictions we probably won’t do a fold-up porch like this, but I love how it adds space and pulls you outside. Maybe we can work it out… (I can dream right?)

Tiny house - Ikea cabinets hack| source |
This inspirational Ikea cabinet hack may be my favorite design inspiration so far. I love the combination of this wood and the white cabinets. If you watched our tiny house plans inspiration post a couple of weeks you know that there will be a lot of cabinets in our design. Imagine how open our tiny home will feel with this wood on the cabinets and the white walls!!

To see more of my tiny house inspirations click here.

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