52 Lists | Week 32, 33 & 34

| In case you are new around these parts, each week I do a series called 52 Lists where I create a list using a prompt. The first 20 weeks of prompts came from Moorea Seal and the other 32 are created by yours truly. I got WAY behind on these lists in July and August so I am playing a bit of catch up. For the next few Saturdays I will be sharing 3 weeks of lists at a time. Enjoy! 🙂 |

52 Lists | Week 32

Week 32 | List your fears

Week 32 is a bit of a doozy – even, might I say frightful. 🙂 It’s tough to be open and transparent enough to share all of my fears with you all. However, I can confidently say that that is a fear I can conquer.

I fear…

…large crowds.
…horror movies.
…being disliked by people around me.
…swimming in the ocean (that seaweed touching my leg is just creepy).
…not being enough.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’m sure there are more, but they are just not coming to me at the moment.

| What are some of your fears? |

52 Lists | Week 33

Week 33 | List funny things that have happened to you

Man, this post is making me really open up today…

Have you ever had moments that you cannot help but laugh about? Well I have a few, and I would like to share them with you.

1. In high school, while on a mission trip in Mexico, I broke an outhouse. Yep, you read that correctly. It was a small wooden outhouse in the yard of a family we were visiting. With my pants down I leaned slightly against the wall (so as not to touch the wood around the seat because there were a lot of bugs around the edge of the hole). As I leaned against the wall, the old wood gave way and the wall fell down! Might I also add that the wall fell down in front of the rest of the group waiting in line for the toilet! I must say I have never pulled up my pants so quickly than I did in that moment.

2. The following year on a mission trip in Tokyo I got stuck in the door of the subway train. Those trains are crowded – anxiety inducing crowded (see above fear)! To stick with my group I had to rush onto the train car before it departed from the station. However, there really wasn’t room in the train car. Before I could squeeze inside the door closed on my backpack. With half of my backpack hanging out of the door, I must have been a funny site for those watching as my group yanked and pulled on my arms and backpack straps. Eventually they were able to pull me inside.

3. On my wedding day I forgot my bouquet, and I didn’t realize it until I got to the front of the church. As soon as I realized it I proceeded to “whisper” to Lyle, “I forgot my bouquet!”

4. On that same special day I snorted during my wedding vows. (Read more about it here.)

Of course I have had lots of clumsy moments that could be a part of this list, but the funny moments above are the most embarrassment I can take for one day.

| What are some funny things that have happened to you? |

52 Lists | Week 34

Week 34 | List fictional worlds that you would like to visit

Aren’t fictional worlds amazing? Here are the lands I would visit…

…The Shire
…The Tardis
…Radiator Springs (how cool would it be to visit an old Route 66 town with talking cars?!)

| What are the fictional worlds you want to visit? |


6 thoughts on “52 Lists | Week 32, 33 & 34

  1. I’m so glad you didn’t do a post on spiders!! haha I’m not as scared of snakes than I am of spiders.. although there was a rattlesnake that rattled his tail at me because I didn’t know he was there.. and that was pretty freaky.

    Have you been to Cars Land yet? It looks exactly like radiator springs.

  2. Your funny stories are things that would have happened to me.
    I am maybe the clumsiest person ever. Last week while cooking I dropped
    my phone in the saute pan. I’d definitely go visit Monstropolis with

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