Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange | August

Lovely Letters | August

For the past 3 months I have participated in Esther’s Lovely Letters Snail Mail link up. And I have had a blast!

In August I was paired up with the wonderfully sweet Claudia from Living on Borrowed Days. I loved exchanging emails with her and getting to know her. The theme for August’s swap was “Hometown”. My town, Ogden, UT, is pretty fantastic. And I was thrilled to get to share pieces of Ogden with Claudia!

Lovely Letters August

I sent Claudia:

| 1 | Postcards of my beautiful little city.
| 2 | An “Only In Ogden” sticker – which I think would make a great bookmark while she reads her books.
| 3 | A book by James Dashner – a Utah author whom Claudia has been reading.
| 4 | A lovely letter.
| 5 | Handmade soap – made right here in Ogden.

| Do you participate in any snail mail swaps? |


10 thoughts on “Lovely Letters Snail Mail Exchange | August

  1. did you read all three? the maze runner – one of our good friends is the token asian guy in the upcoming movie haha so we’re so stoked about it. we ended up reading all three in one sitting. i do however have to dispute you on where he’s from.. 😛 he was born in georgia.. but i guess he now lives in utah so you an have him. hehe

    1. Hi Esther 🙂

      I read the books! Well…almost all of them 😉 How incredibly cool is it that you know, (I’m guessing Minho)! He’s my favorite character in the book! Can you help get an autograph for me? Ha ha ha! I’m only wishing (sigh)

      1. haha i probably could! we’ll be seeing him in the next week or so.. if you’re signing up for october’s exchange, i can pair up with you. 🙂 saves on postage. 😛

  2. Paige, I couldn’t resist! OH. MY. GOODNESS! Can I just share a quick story?

    Okay, so here’s the thing, I am allowed a certain budge for the entire year that will allow me to buy any book(s) I desire. Well, I sorta ran out of money for books in June ha ha I know right? Half-way through the year!? Thankfully though, I was able to buy The Maze Runner and The Scorch Trials; however, I did not have enough funds to purchase The Death Cure!

    Even more sad, there are presently 3 holds on The Death Cure at my local library! So yeah, I’ve been miserable! That is, until I saw your post! ARE YOU FOR REAL!? I can’t believe this is happening and I so wish you could see me fangirling right now because this is the highlight of my day for sure!

    Thank you so so so much! I had no idea that James Dashner lived in Utah; gah! 😀

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