Alphabet Dating | Letter E

Alphabet Dating | Letter E

Recently Lyle and I have been catching up on our alphabet dates. We started these dates a while back, but then got stuck in a rut. We allowed ourselves to get out of the habit of consistently doing these. In August we got back to them, and went on 4 alphabet dates! So expect lots of dating posts throughout the next few weeks.

For our letter “e” date Lyle and I got to explore a local theater. To start our date we went to the Egyptian Theater and watched Despicable Me 2 – for free!

Ogden Utah Egyptian Theater

Ogden Utah Egyptian Theater

Ogden Utah Egyptian Theater

Ogden Utah Egyptian Theater

| It can’t get better than a free movie date, right!? |

Isn’t that theater the coolest looking place?!

After our movie we had lunch at El Matador. Y’all, this place is delicious! It’s my favorite Mexican restaurant in town. Do you have a favorite Mexican restaurant in your town?

El Matador Mexican Restaurant

El Matador Mexican Restaurant

And guess what we ate – enchiladas! It kind of felt wrong to eat anything else on an “e” date.

Enchiladas - Mexican Restaurant

We had a blast on our letter “e” date!

| What would you do on an “e” date? |

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      1. I saw them way back in the 90s (That makes me feel old to say that) in my hometown and have loved them ever since. I’d love to see them again now that they are touring again.

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