Finding Beauty Friday

Originally today’s post was going to be about our latest alphabet dating adventures, but I’m going to be honest…

…I was too lazy. 🙂

So instead I am sharing my favorite photo from this week of my sweet little cat Kris-P.

Cat photo black and white feline

I can’t tell you how many ugly pictures I have of this cat. She HATES the camera (you can see that hatred a little in her eyes in this picture). I typically cannot take a decent picture of her to save my life. As soon as she sees the camera she moves. More times than not she will just get up and go outside so she doesn’t have to deal with me continuing to try to take her picture. 🙂 This is how my cat and my dog are when they see the camera:

| source |

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend!!

| Does your pet like having his/her picture taken? |

This Darling Day

14 thoughts on “Finding Beauty Friday

  1. Such a cute photo of your kitty! I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with camera-hating pets. They always are so cute, but as soon as they hear the first ‘click’ go off – that’s it. They’re over it, hiding their faces, or looking miserable haha.

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