The ABCs of Me


A while back I noticed that a lot of bloggers were doing a cute post called the ABCs of Me where they described themselves – from age to favorite zoo animal. Today I decided to partake in this fun idea and share a little about myself.

Here we go…

A | age: 25

B | birthday: March 11th

C | chore I hate: I hate, hate, hate doing the dishes. They are the worst! I will literally let them pile up in the sink until we are out of clean dishes.


D | drink: My favorite cold drink is Diet Coke. My favorite hot drink is green tea. Yum!

E | eyes: Hazel

F | favorite color: Purple…or green…or blue…or grey. Decisions are hard. πŸ™‚

G | gent: My sweet, brave, adventurous hubby – Lyle.


H | hobby: Rock climbing, journaling, and backpacking!

I | indulgence: I spend WAY too much time watching TV and eat french fries WAY too often.

J | job: Currently, I am in between jobs so I am trusting that God will provide for me.


K | kids: I only have my fur babies – Daisy and Kris-P.

L | love: I absolutely LOVE cozy movie nights curled up on the couch with Lyle.

M | music: I really enjoy music. Some of my favorite bands are The Avett Brothers, Rend Collective, and The Shins. Check out my favorites playlist or my favorite albums.

N | nickname: My nickname growing up was “tater” because of my aforementioned love of french fries and other potatoes.


O | one wish: I would love to travel the world and see Iceland, Italy, London, Ireland, and so many more.
| pinnable adventures here |

P | pet peeves: I actually just shared my greatest pet peeves on the blog recently. Click here to read about them.

Q | quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” -Anonymous
| Click here for more of my favorite quotes. |

R | residence: Utah! Check out why I love where I live here.

S | siblings: 1 brother


T | time I wake up: I always wake up as late as possible. Sleep is a precious thing, so I take advantage of every second I can get!

U | university: Welch College

V | vegetables I dislike: Well…basically all of them πŸ™‚

W | worst habit: I tend to only see my negatives and then fixate on them.

X | x-rays: None!

Y | yuck: I get the heebeegeebees just thinking about snakes and spiders.

Z | zoo: (favorite animal at the zoo) It’s been FOREVER since I have been to the zoo, but my favorites were always the giraffes and the lions.

So there you have it y’all – the ABCs of Me!


10 thoughts on “The ABCs of Me

  1. This is great! My least favorite chore is vaccuuming. Ugh. I hate it! I, too, want to travel the world. How do we find a career for just traveling?

  2. I everything about this post! What a neat way to give your readers a glimpse into your personality and who you are πŸ™‚

    I too want to travel the world and London would be my first choice! I also share the horrible habit of obsessing over my negatives; need help and prayer in this area bad ha ha!

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