52 Lists | Week 25

52 Lists | Week 25

| What’s your first memory? |

I have the worst memory EVER! And when I say “worst memory ever” I mean that I cannot remember most of high school (and I am only 25!). However I do remember my first memory vividly. Would you like to hear about it?

I open my eyes and everything looks hazy and dizzy. With loud crashing and crunchy booming in my ears I see several metal and plastic square lunch boxes flipping through the van as it tumbles through the air. All around me children cry, metal crumples, and glass crushes.

What a memory right? This graphic visual is the only part of the worst car accident I have been in that I can remember. When I was in preschool, while on a field trip, the 15 passenger van I was riding in ran off the road, and when the driver over-corrected the van flipped about 5 times before finally hitting a phone pole.

Understandably, my first memory is not my favorite. 🙂

But, here are a few of my favorite childhood memories:

52 Lists | Week 25 | Childhood Memories

| Family vacations |
Each year my family would spend our fall vacation in the Smoky Mountains. We have so many pictures and memories of the beautiful orange, yellow, and red leaves. Each summer we would spend countless weekends at Myrtle Beach and Santee Cooper Lake.

52 Lists | Week 25 | Childhood Memories

| The smell of old tires & oil |
My papa owns a junk yard with hundreds of old wrecked cars. I can’t tell you how many times I walked around that junk yard with my mom and mema on Saturday afternoons. I also remember the beautiful smell of the burnt tires and oil and grease from my papa’s race cars in his garage. (The perfect smell y’all!)

52 Lists | Week 25 | Childhood Memories

| Cuddles and laughs with my mom |
My mom is my best friend, and I will unashamedly admit that I still enjoy cuddles with my momma. I wouldn’t be able to list all of the laughs that resulted in sore abs and happy tears. Those moments will always remain some of my favorite memories.

52 Lists | Week 25 | Childhood Memories

| Holidays with families |
I remember Thanksgivings, Easters, and Christmases at my Granny’s (great-grandmother) house. We would all cram into her little kitchen drinking sweet tea, eating biscuits, and savoring her secret stash of candy. We would also spend lazy summer afternoons on her screen porch sitting in the swing and rocking chairs.

52 Lists | Week 25

| Spending summers with my mema |
My mema is my other best friend. 🙂 Every summer I spent as much time with her as possible. I remember eating lots of KFC mashed potatoes, homemade buttery grits, and delectable chicken and dumplings. My mema spoiled me with her yummy food. If I could cook like anyone in the world, I would want my mema’s skills.

| What are some of your favorite childhood memories? |

| Just in case you missed last week’s list |

52 Lists | Week 24


10 thoughts on “52 Lists | Week 25

      1. Dinner at 4:30 every day!!! Mom had it ready when my dad got home from work, giving him enough time to clean up. You knew exactly when food was on the table.

  1. What a crazy first memory! The first memory I have is from my parents wedding..I was the flower girl and I can remember playing dolls in the lobby, waiting on the wedding to start.

  2. Ah, man. What a scary first memory. My earliest memory is going to my grandpa’s house and he was playing his grand piano. He handed me a heavy (heavy for a three-year-old) black trash bag and when I opened it, it was filled with my mom and aunt’s old barbie dolls and accessories.

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