Weekend Moments + 3 Giveaways

Are you as bummed as I am that the weekend is over? It went by too quickly.

Chalk Art Festival Salt Lake City

On Saturday Lyle and I drove to Salt Lake City to run errands for work, but when we were finished with work we decided to go to the Gateway to have lunch at Jason’s Deli. But it turned out that there was a Chalk Art Festival happening. Bonus! Y’all, some of those artists were phenomenal. Above are some of my favorites from the nearly 30 entrants. As one of the worst drawers in the world, I was jealous.

Weekend Moments: Calvin and Hobbes, fire pits, Yahtzee | Moments for the Journey

For the rest of the weekend we spent our time reading A LOT of Calvin and Hobbes, playing Yahtzee Hands Down (which we found for $2 in Salt Lake at the mall), and hanging out with friends at a BBQ.

This was a FANTASTIC weekend!

| How was yours? |


Before you leave, here are…

| Moments you may have missed |

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| My Latest Obsessions |

Calvin and Hobbes. Lyle and I have the complete set and have been reading this comic non-stop. I even started a Pinterest board devoted to it.

This tank top. All I’m saying is it doesn’t get any cooler than this! πŸ™‚

– I totally want to sell my home and live in a tiny home like these.

This book has been on my wish list for a couple of months now, and I look at it every time I go in a store that stocks it. I FINALLY bought it from Amazon! It should arrive on Wednesday!


Harvest of Blessings hosting an Etsy giveaway! Enter below:

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I am partaking in a HUGE ad giveaway! Check it out:


Image Map

This giveaway is exactly what it says…awesome! All those beautiful girls up there (click their faces to see their pages) are offering up an ad space on each of their blogs. That’s right. That means if you win, you get not one, not two, but EIGHT ad spaces – for free! What more could you want? Enter now and good luck to you all! 
 a Rafflecopter giveaway


9 thoughts on “Weekend Moments + 3 Giveaways

      1. Same with me. I am slowly getting a tiny bit better with doing letters all fancy, but still no skills with drawing objects 😦 I always wished I was more artistic.

    1. It was so well done! The 3 I shared were my favorites, but there were soooo many other beautiful murals. It looks like you had a great weekend in Colorado. I really want to visit there. I have only driven through it, but never stayed and seen the sites.

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