Let’s Talk About Snakes

Snakes: Eek!

I wasn’t intending on posting today but after our climbing adventure yesterday I had to get this little post off of my chest.

Yesterday I talked about my pet peeves, and today I want to talk about one of my biggest phobias:


As we were climbing we came across 3 snakes – or more like they came across us.

3 snakes!

Snake at the Schoolroom Rock Wall Ogden UT

Y’all! That is not okay!

I was completely freaked out. I’m talking minor anxiety attack. Okay you caught me, I lied… a major anxiety attack.

At one point one of them started climbing up the wall beside Lyle. See:

Snake rock climbing

That was terrifying to say the least.

I HATE snakes…

…And here is why:

-The way they move is just too creepy! With their slithering ickiness! (Yes, I did make up that word.)
-Their creepy, hissing tongues.
-They can sneak up on you because they are so quiet.
-Their eyes are demonic!
-They blend in too well to their surroundings.
-And they are just ugly!

Check out my new snake friend enemy:


What are your thoughts on snakes? Like or dislike?

| What is your greatest phobia? |


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19 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Snakes

  1. no no no no no no no no no no
    I can’t tolerate snakes.
    I get so nervous doing yard work & weeding the flower beds – we live in the country & neighbors always told me they get under the bushes to stay cool… no no no no no no

  2. I like snakes but they are very situational for me. If I know it’s not a dangerous snake, (non wild snakes or wild snakes I know aren’t poisonous) then I have no problem handling or being around them. If it’s a wild snake and I don’t know if it’s poisonous, then I get a little nervous.

    I grew up on a farm so corn/rat snakes were great to have around because it would kill mice and other nuisances in our barn. The occasional rattlesnake would be a little unnerving though. Growing up in that type of environment gave me a good respect for them.

    Spiders on the other hand. Eff those guys. No thank you.

  3. Yuck. Just yuck. A little more yuck for good measure. My skin was crawling when I watched that video. Ya know what really makes me freak out though? Bats. OMG. They are like little demons with wings. Shudder.

    1. Oh I know! My skin was crawling the whole time too. I’ve never really been around a bat up close so they don’t freak me out that much. They might would if I ever really experienced one.

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of snakes either. Living down in south Alabama, we have tons and tons of snakes. Lots of them are rattlesnakes, but there are others. Let me just give you a picture of the small town I live in. One day, my parents and I were working outside and a guy drove by in his truck. He stopped and told me that he just saw a giant rattlesnake down the hill. This snake had been seen by lots of people in the neighborhood. My dad had seen it multiple times and said it was huge. So, we got a rake, a hoe, a shovel, and went down to find the creature. When we got down there, the man who stopped and saw it first pulled out a shotgun! (yes, you read that right.) And literally blew the head off the snake. Yep. That is life in small-town Alabama for you. It was one of the biggest rattlesnakes I had ever seen. As my dad says, “the only good snake, is a dead snake.”

    Also, the entire time I was watching that video, I was waiting for him to lunge at the camera! Eeek! Glad he didn’t and that maybe they weren’t poisonous??

  5. So, snakes aren’t the biggest thing I’m afraid of but I still don’t want to encounter them all the time. However, one day my friends and I were hiking pretty recently after a rain storm so they were out socializing. We see three gathered around so we, of course, stop to see if anything cool is happening and one has a frog in it’s mouth. IN.IT’S.MOUTH. So half of this frog was sticking out, clearly embarrassed that we were seeing it’s demise and the snake was all, c’mon guys. It’s dinner time, leave me alone.

    It was pretty cool.

      1. Hmmm… As far as something tangible, I’m absolutely terrified of needles. I hyperventilate. The doctor has to remind me to breathe. I avoid a yearly checkup (the non-lady kind) just so I don’t have to get my blood drawn. And yet, I have four tattoos.

      2. I think because I wanted a tattoo so badly, I just had to man up. I still can’t look at the needle while it’s happening but it’s also a completely different needle from the medical one.

        I have music note on my left foot, fireworks on my right foot for a friend who passed away, a big blue floral piece on my upper left back and a star and crescent moon on my right wrist. Do you have any?

      3. No I don’t. I have always thought about getting one, but then I talk myself out of it because I am afraid of the pain and I don’t want to be disappointed with whatever I choose to get later down the road.

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