52 Lists | Week 23

52 Lists: Week 23 | List your pet peeves | by Moments for the Journey

When Jess and I were coming up with this week’s list, I realized that I had never shared my pet peeves here on the blog with y’all, and what better way to share those than in list form.

A pet peeve is defined as “an irritating experience caused by others in which you cannot control”. (source)

There could not be a better way to define “pet peeve” for me. Here are some of my annoyances:

-Drivers that don’t use blinkers.
-When people rub their hands together.
-When people don’t listen to me when I talk to them.
-Constant tapping
-Children in movie theaters (at non-kid movies)
-People texting while driving
-Too much perfume
-When adults act more immature than their children
-When the toilet paper roll is backward
-People playing music too loudly in their cars.

I know that a couple of these peeves are not very common, but most of them are. Check out some of the most common pet peeves here.

| What are some of your pet peeves? |

Before your leave…

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| Good Reads |
-Amy’s life lately looks wonderful!
-I was in this June sponsor feature.
-Jess’s pictures in this Moments Photo Challenge are beautiful.
Wildflowers and relaxation…enough said. 🙂
-Have you entered Meg’s favorite things giveaway?

| My Latest Obsessions |
-This tea candy is delicious!!!
-I want this jacket so very badly, but sadly it costs too much.
-I know that I have shared this video before, but I am a bit obsessed with Emma Stone and Jimmy Fallon’s lip syncing contest.


11 thoughts on “52 Lists | Week 23

  1. I smiled this morning reading this post and laughed at what you inherited from your parents.
    ~ Constant tapping – yep, you got that from me and it drives me insane! Your dad’s #1 way to annoy me.
    ~ When people rub their hands together – Your dad’s #1 way to annoy you!!
    ~ When the toilet paper roll is backward – you so got that from your dad. It will cause him to have a complete meltdown. Thus, my #1 way to annoy him 🙂

    My pet peeves…..oh there’s just not enough time.
    ~ Constant tapping
    ~ Tardiness (if you are scheduled to meet me at 9:00 be there at 9:00, if it’s 9:15 I will not be happy).
    ~ Dressing inappropriately – just because you can fit into it doesn’t mean you should wear it. It also applies to age appropriateness, if you are 14 dress like it, if you are 45 dress like it.
    ~ People who chew with their mouths open – seriously, close your mouth.
    ~ Talking over me – if we are talking don’t interrupt me. You’ll have your turn, don’t jump in and talk over me. It will make my eyes bulge out!

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