52 Lists | Weeks 21 & 22

It’s weekly list time! Up until week 20 of this project I was linking up with Moorea Seal and her weekly list prompts, but she decided to stop at week 20 so that meant I had to come up with ideas for the remaining 32 weeks. So Jess over at Polished Arrow and I decided to brainstorm and come up with the remaining weeks together. Yay!

Because we used last week as our brainstorming week I didn’t have a list ready. So, I decided to include last week’s missing list in this week’s post. (I hope you all don’t mind reading two lists today.)

52 Lists Prompt - Week 21

In middle school and high school I saw a lot of bands in concert. Music was my passion and I had it constantly playing in my bedroom. I woke up in the morning with music playing, listened to it blaring in my car, and fell asleep to it playing every night. Y’all, I LOVED music. I still do, but I have definitely mellowed out in my obsession with it. Due to my extreme passion I thoroughly enjoyed concerts. Here are the bands/artists I have seen in concert:

The W’s
DC Talk
David Crowder Band
Jeremy Camp
Mark Shultz
Matthew West
Sanctus Real
Teddy Geiger
Building 429
Hawk Nelson
Nickel Creek
The Secret Sisters (Of this list, this band and Nickel Creek are the only bands on this list that I saw in concert during my adulthood. All of the rest were attended during my adolescence.)

52 Lists Prompts - Week 22

Y’all I love food. It’s good stuff. šŸ™‚ Here are a few of my favorite foods:

-French fries
-Baked potatoes
-Mashed potatoes
-Lima beans
-Rice and gravy
-Funnel Cakes
-Fish sticks
-Black Eyed Peas
-Chocolate Ice Cream Bars
-Fish & Chips
-Salt and Vinegar Chips
-Chicken n’ dumplins
-Country Ham

This list could go on and on, but I think I will stop there.

| What are your favorite foods? |
| What bands have you seen in concert? |


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