Weekend Moments

Weekend Moments - disc golf, rainbows, rock climbing, and nails

| Weekend Moments |

This weekend was pretty mellow. On Friday afternoon Lyle and I met up with some friends to play disc golf. It was an absolutely gorgeous evening. While we were out on the course it started to drizzle for about 2 minutes and then a beautiful rainbow appeared and stayed out as inspiration for the rest of our game.

On Saturday, Lyle had to work all day so I decided to sleep in (way in…I’m talking til 11:30). Once I finally got out of bed I used my alone time to do my nails and work on the blog. I was having a couple of small technical difficulties after updating some plugins and I also just wanted to make some tweaks with the aesthetics around these parts. (You may notice a couple of small changes around here). I also decided to watch a couple of chick flicks that Lyle never watches with me. While lounging on the couch I enjoyed the gooey romance of The Last Song and Safe Haven. I just LOVE lazy Saturdays and alone time, and this Saturday was BOTH! Score!

Yesterday we decided to take one of the teens in our youth group rock climbing, which completely destroyed my freshly painted nails from Saturday. But the joy and thrill of rock climbing is worth beat up nails. Right?

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| How was your weekend? Anything interesting? |


2 thoughts on “Weekend Moments

  1. How did you like your Mint Julep box? Have you gotten one before? I’ve been seeing them float around a lot lately. And I would say that that does sound like a great Saturday. 🙂

    1. This polish was from my first box, but just this week I received my second. I really enjoy it. I’m sure how many more I will get, but I have enjoyed them. (I’m just a little stingy with my money).

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