How to Make a Life | An Interview

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend?

Today I would like to introduce my sweet sponsor Sheryl. She blogs over at How to Make a Life. You also may remember her visit last month when she guested posted for me. She also recently shared her dream vacation on my little ‘ol blog just last week. If you haven’t read her blog, hop on over there after getting to know her a little bit here!

How to Make a Life

| What three words best describe you? |
I find it funny to share what my husband stated – he first responded “little but loud”. When I shook my head he then changed it to “tiny but mighty”(I’m on the petite side but haven’t let that stop me).

I would describe myself as loyal, strong and dedicated. I am an individual who is dedicated to those that I love and am not one to suddenly not be there. Throughout my life, I’ve encountered many different things and each of these events have made me a stronger person who is able to persevere.

| How long have you been blogging? |
I began my blog in March 2013.

| Why did you start blogging? Why do you continue to do it? |
My mother was diagnosed with cancer in November 2012 and died in February 2013, throughout that time I provided a close group of friends with regular e-mail updates rather than verbally tell everyone the latest news. I found my emails to be an extension of my personal journal writing and they were extremely therapeutic as well as informative to my friends. During this time I was working as a grief counselor with Hospice and I wanted to share the journey of grief through a trained grief counselor’s eyes. I feel that one has to re-evaluate, and often recreate their life after a loss and thus the title of my blog “How to Make a Life”. In addition to thoughts and discussions of grief, I blog about all of the things that make up our life – food, travel, friends, hobbies.

My prayer through my mom’s death and later my grandmother’s death was to make something positive out of all that I have gone through. I feel my blog helps me to provide something to others. I continue blogging because I have dedicated myself and hope to inspire others who are going through transitions in life whether it be a death or another type of change/loss. I discuss my struggles but also my success, and truly pray that my story helps give someone else inspiration.

How to Make a Life

| What do you love to write about most on your blog? |
I love having a place where I can share my thoughts and beliefs about the world – grief is something I know well because of my personal and professional experience but I am also finding I enjoy sharing my adventures in being gluten free. I considered it a huge compliment when a close friend stated some of my recipe pictures looked restaurant quality. My blog is in many ways forcing me to experience more of life because I want to share it with others.

| In your opinion what is the best part of blogging? What is the worst? |
I love meeting wonderful individuals from around the country who are supportive and truly do become friends. The worse for me is time management in regards to continuously keeping up with my favorite blog friends. I feel bad when I don’t have the time to keep up with everyone.

| Where do you draw your inspiration from? |
My inspiration comes from my past and current clients and friends who have and are struggling with their own transitions in life. By having my blog, I have dedicated myself to living the best life that I can and openly sharing what works and doesn’t work for me.

| What song or album do you have playing on repeat lately? |
My go to album lately has been Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger” – it’s a few years old but I love the music. A song that seems to keep following me wherever I go is John Legend’s “All of Me” (I’ve woke up a few mornings with it my head)

DIY Wreaths

| What are your favorite hobbies (other than blogging)? |
I love to create wreaths for my door, being outdoors and gardening, hiking and working out.

…And now two just for fun…

| What is your favorite word? |

| What is your least favorite word? |
I’m not sure that I have one…..

So there you have it! Now go read more about Sheryl’s life.


3 thoughts on “How to Make a Life | An Interview

  1. So happy to see Sheryl here today! She’s such a sweetheart. I feel like “All of Me” has been following me too! I hear it every day on the way to work.

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