52 Lists | Weeks 18, 19, & 20

List the ways you are energized | 52 Lists

I am energized by…

…listening to music.
…drinking Diet Coke.
…starting the day with a hot cup of tea.
…rock climbing.
…working in youth ministry with teenagers.
…spending the day in the sunshine.
…spending time with family.
…alone time.
…reading my Bible.
…reading a good book.
…eating Chick-Fil-A sauce.
…taking a nap on Sunday afternoons.
…sipping an iced cold green tea with honey.

List the things you want to be known for | 52 Lists

I want to be known for…

…being a loving, supportive wife.
…having a joyful spirit.
…being adventurous.
…making people laugh.
…being a Christ-follower.

List your summer goals | 52 Lists

Summer is fast approaching, and there are too many summer activities I want to partake in before it passes all too quickly – as summer often does. This summer I want to…

…read more.
…go backpacking at least once a month – preferably 2-3 times each month.
…visit my family.
…rock climb as much as possible. (Once or twice a week, hopefully.)
…adjust to work changes.
…send more snail mail.
…drink more water.
…spend more time with the teens in our youth group.
…buy a pair of Chaco sandals.
…buy a good mid-layer jacket for backpacking and climbing in the evenings.
…start a personal Bible study that I thoroughly enjoy and stick to.

52 Lists project from Moorea Seal


3 thoughts on “52 Lists | Weeks 18, 19, & 20

  1. Chacos are the best!! Just had to say that first! haha But, really, I love them for when I’m outside, hiking, kayaking, or just every day. Also, the fact that they float in water is the best thing ever.

    Great lists! I can’t wait to do my summer list! Although it was supposed to be done this week, next week on my blog is like all about summer week! haha I’m super pumped!

    1. I look forward to your summer posts 🙂 It is pretty awesome that they float! I’m gonna be honest – I didn’t know that little tidbit of information about Chacos.

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