A Dream Vacation

I don’t know about where you live, but here in Utah it is finally feeling like summer! All of this fantastic weather has me yearning for a nice long summer vacation. Since vacation has been on my mind recently I thought I would ask my wonderful sponsors what their dream vacation is.

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| What is your dream vacation? |

Sheryl | How to Make a Life
Although I love to travel and explore, I’m finding that I enjoy unplugging from life and being in touch with nature. My dream vacation includes my husband, being on the beach and enjoying the sun, great books and good music. There is nothing more relaxing than the sound and feel of ocean waves. I love waking up and walking on the beach before the day truly starts and equally love a spectacular sunset. We are actually leaving for my dream vacation of a week in Jamaica at Couples Negril, an all-inclusive resort. I highly recommend all-inclusive resorts as you do not have to worry about anything once you get there.
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Aimee | This Darling Day
My dream vacation lately is Hawaii. My parents just spent two weeks there and my mom said it was paradise. The photos she took were amazing! I would love to go for the photo ops alone!
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Amy | Lovely Does It
My dream vacation has got to be Italy! I would love to go and visit, walk the beautiful streets, eat awesome pastries, and taste the coffee.
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Suzanne | Just Another Girl
My dream vacation would be a beach somewhere on a warm sunny day where no one smoked and left their cigarette butts in the sand (or the smell in the air). Also no dogs or loud annoying music blaring. 🙂 Oh, and the water has to have no seaweed or large dangerous/gross fish/creatures. Basically it would be just me and James on the beach… and the water is more like a pool. Then once the sun went down I will go into my luxurious room-serviced suite and soak in a hot tub while eating pizza and ice cream.
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All inclusive resorts, Hawaii, Italy, and the beach – now I’m just wanting a vacation even more! So what about you…

| What is your dream vacation? |


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