Weekend Moments

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? I had a fantastic weekend and I would love to share it with you.

rock climbing ogden ut 5.8 wall

Even though it had been raining all week, Lyle and I decided to go rock climbing. Despite the rocks being pretty wet we had fun. I even defeated one of my nemesis climbs!

On Saturday Lyle and I had a blast at the Adventure Gear Outdoor Expo where we saw so many local outdoor companies.

Utah Olympic Park

Check it out! We are sitting in an actual bobsled from the Utah Olympic Park.

Moby Camper

Lyle and I found our dream camper. This Moby Expedition Trailer is awesome!

Cotopaxi - Gear for Good - Llama

While at the expo I discovered my new favorite outdoor company. Cotopaxi is a local company that makes backpacks. I am dying to tell you more about them, but I have a special post planned just for them so please be patient as I get that post all together. But anyway, how cool is it that they had a llama at their booth?

40 Freedoms - Starting a Fire

During the expo Lyle also took some time to start a fire the old school way. He got blisters trying, but I am certain that Lyle could help us survive in a life threatening situation.


Have you guys ever heard of slacklines? These things are tough! I only made it 2 feet from the starting pad, but it was fun.

Cat and dog sleeping

On Sunday, I took a nap after church and these two beautiful fur-babies cuddled with me.

So there you have it! That was a quick look at my fantastic weekend.

| Moments you may have missed |

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– The second How I Journal link-up is up!
– Thursday was Lyle’s birthday and I shared why he is the greatest blessing.
– Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers on a nice afternoon walk.
– Check out this sponsor feature I was in.

| Fun Finds |

This chicken stock sounds amazing.
This photography by This Darling Day is truly beautiful!
– This trip to Jamaica looks relaxing.
– And of course Jimmy Fallon and Emma Stone lip syncing is too awesome not to share. πŸ™‚

| So how was your weekend? |


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