How I Journal | May

How I Journal Link Up with Moments for the Journey

Guess what time it is? It’s “How I Journal Monthly Link-Up” time! For those of you that know me at all or have read my blog before you know that I love to journal. As I thought of ways to share my proud journal moments with you all I thought up this monthly link-up! Not only do I want to show you all my journal but I would also love to see your proud journal moments as well.

So here is how the How I Journal Monthly Link-Up works. The link-up will go live on the first Wednesday of the month and ends on the last day of the month. This is your chance to share your favorite recent journal entries. Share your artistic pages, your devotional moments, and your personal moments – whatever you would like!

| How I Journal Guidelines |
1. Link up your journal post(s) (not just the link to your blog).
2. Please follow your host and co-host on Bloglovin’.
3. Put the How I Journal button on your blog post or blog so that others can hear about this link-up.
4. Visit the other blogs participating!
5. Share this link-up on social media using #HowIJournal or pin the button on pinterest.

Since last month’s How I Journal post I started a new journal and I have really enjoyed writing in it. Here are a couple of my favorite pages in my new journal so far:

Currently, How I Journal, Link up, Moments for the Journey

One of my favorite things to write in my journal is a currently list. What better way is there to write about your day than through a currently list? 🙂

journalmore, How I Journal, Link up, Moments for the Journey

Last month there were a couple of weeks that I let myself get out of the habit of journaling, but I sat down the other night and resolved to get back into the habit and journal more often – everyday. Adding little circle embellishments is also extremely fun. 🙂 I always feel more artistic when I add embellishments to my journal pages.

telegrampaper, The Paper Basket, How I Journal, Link up, Moments for the Journey

Last week I received these wonderful telegram papers in the mail from The Paper Basket and I have already started using them. I have so many more ideas of how to use these beauties!

So there is your little snippet into my journal recently. How about you? I would love to read about how you make your journal fun and individualistic.

| Link up your entries below – I can’t wait to read your posts! |

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