What’s Inspiring You?

In April I had some amazing sponsors here on the blog. They were fabulous and I was very honored to have them in my sidebar. I hope that you all took some time to click on their buttons and get to them through their posts.

To wrap up April I wanted to share with you a little something that you might not have known about them. I asked them one question:

| What is inspiring you right now? |

Blogger Group Feature April

Meg | Rivers and Roads
Right now I am being inspired by dreamers with big dreams. I have just been encouraged and reminded that God knows our dreams, and to pursue dreams is to have faith. Faith that the Lord will provide and take care of you. I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately as I focus more on dreams of my own that I want to chase!
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Aimee | This Darling Day [Formerly Click.Pray.Create.]
Right now I am inspired most by the warm weather. I think my creativity tends to hibernate in the winter and then awakens refreshed in the spring!
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Amanda | Notes from a Newlywed
Music! I’ve always loved music, and I love how it can completely change your mood. I’ve had some really fun, upbeat songs stuck in my head lately and they make really happy. Neon Trees, Karmin, Pharrell, “Chocolate” and The Fox have been in regular rotation in my Spotify lately.
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Blogger Group Feature April

Beka | The Castilles
All this warm weather we’ve been having! The sun, the green grass, and the flowers spur me on to work harder, dream bigger, and to be more creative in all areas of life. Second to that would be all the awesome bloggers I follow and read on a daily basis – nothing beats a daily surge of inspiration and encouragement waiting for you on Bloglovin’ every morning!
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Amy | Lovely Does It
I am forever thankful for God’s faithfulness to me. Every step of the way, He has guided and directed my life in such a beautiful way. This quote has been such an inspiration to me lately, and an awesome reminder that God is sure in all circumstances. “Faith is a living, daring confidence in God’s grace, so sure and certain that a man could stake his life on it a thousand times.” ~Martin Luther
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Kiwi | Mind of Kiwi
What inspires me? Honestly, I am currentl Inspired by my future self. That sounds so weird, but I’m always trying to think of how to better myself. I’m currently overweight so I’m inspired by the thought of thinner me. That motivates me to get up and do something about it. It also inspires me to put down the pizza 🙂 I am a first grade teacher. I love what I do and I’m discovering that I want to do more. I am thinking about pursuing my doctorates in education because I want to learn more. I want to know what else I can do to help children in their education. I love my children and I envision them growing up to be wonderful women of God who shower others with love and display the grace of God. I love my husband and I can see us sitting on our porch sipping on iced tea at 90 years old while holding hands. Being a minister of the word of God, I desire to guide people to the truth of God and His never ending love and grace. The future inspires me! The better me inspires me. To be a better version of myself, a great mother, a wonderful teacher, a supportive wife and a guiding minister is what inspires me (not in any specific order). I aspire to grow and be better in all areas.
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Lis | Happy Joyful Day
The most inspiring thing to me right now is the deep blue eyes of my new baby boy, Henry. I think about the kind of person I want to be for him and find extra energy to do something more. I want to be the best mama possible and am learning how to take care of both of us.
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Suzanne | Just Another Girl
I feel inspired right now by the wonderful change of seasons springing up everywhere I look. Each day the grass gets a little greener, the days get a little longer, and the thermometer climbs a little higher. With this being our first year living in our very own house (and finally not a basement apartment!) I am excited to start growing my own vegetable and flower gardens!
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