Phases of Blogging

I am really missing blogging this week. I CAN’T wait for this week to be over so that I can put more time back into this place. I have the lovely Lauren from My Passion Journey helping me out today. I truly enjoyed reading this post and getting to know Lauren better, so I hope you do too!

My Passion Journey

Hello one and all, I realize quite a few of you might not know me. My name is Lauren and I blog over at My Passion Journey. I don’t remember the exact circumstances where I came up with the phrase “My Passion Journey”- but I do remember that as soon as I thought of it I immediately bought the domain name! I didn’t even have a blog in mind yet, but I loved the phrase so much I just knew I wanted to own it in its dot com form!

A few months after that (in August of last year) I launched the blog- and I would say that even within a few short months my experience with blogging lives up to it’s name. It’s already been a journey and an adventure with a few distinct twists and turns that have taught me new things about myself.

When I began my blog I was in desperate need of a creative outlet. I was working a job that was very tolling on me- long hours, high stress and very task oriented. I felt like all my free time was spent recovering from working the day before. We had only been living in Phoenix for about a year and I didn’t have a huge social network. I needed a way to refuel myself, to connect with others, and to focus on bright, happy things in life. I blogged about overcoming fear and my thoughts on passion, but I also blogged about fun topics like why I love shopping at Nordstrom and the day I borrowed a baby. Blogging was fun and freeing for my stressed out mind. Eventually, I ended up resigning from that position- without a back up plan. (This story later became the inspiration for my post about getting your resume ready.)

At this point in my jobless life, blogging took on a new role for me. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a season between jobs before, but the unpredictability of day to day life without employment can be a little disorienting sometimes. Blogging helped keep me focused and disciplined during that season. I started choosing a weekly goal and publicly posting it for accountability sake. I was amazed how much more focused and at peace I was by having a daily routine that included blogging- and motivation to follow through with my weekly goals. I blogged through the purchase of a new home and moving day too! It was a big season of change and adjustment for me, but I am so glad that I had the routine of blogging- and all the new friends that come with it during that time!

My Passion Journey

Like all seasons in life, that one eventually came to a close and I got another full-time job. But this was not just any full-time job- it’s a dream position that I absolutely adore. Blogging now had to take a back seat to my new 8-5 life. I found myself writing shorter posts and slowing down in my response time to comments and emails. And yet, I had invested so much time into blogging- I knew I didn’t want to quit- and I worried that if I missed even just one post my blogging life would be over forever. As a result blogging became less fun and more of a chore. Which isn’t to say that I didn’t still like many of the posts I wrote during this time- I shared about my travels to Paris and tips to make your life easier– it just really started to feel like an obligation instead of a joy.

Which brings us to phase four of the journey. Two of my best friends from college each launched fun, beautiful blogs where they each write about their own individual passions- the first writes about food, family, and fellowship around the table and the second writes about wholistic living and health. They are both very different but they both inspired me in their own ways. I realized that I didn’t just want to write about movies I saw (even if they were great) or recipes I want to try (even if they do look really yummy). I want to regain my original intention for my blog- to create a place where readers feel encouraged and inspired to live out their passions and dreams in life.

Now I admit that I am still pretty early on in this phase of the journey. Just this week I decided to focus on quality over quantity by decreasing the number of posts I write every week. I am hoping that by focusing more on each individual post I can bring myself closer to my goal of creating a space for encouragement and inspiration. As you can see by my journey, my blog has already been that space for me- I hope that it can be that space for you one day too.

Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself, I would love to hear about your life and your journey as well.


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