Feeling Anxious

This week is going to be CRAZY! I’m talking no time for anything other than work, work, and more work.

This Friday marks a couple of big deadlines for me at work. One of which is the yearbook (which I have to do on my own)….

…but guess how much of that book I have completed? …

…about 3 pages 😦 … oops.

Last year I was on top of that thing. It was completed well before the deadline. But this year I let the deadline seriously sneak up on me. There were so many other things higher on my priority list than the yearbook so I kept putting it off, but then I realized that I put it off too long.

So needless to say I am feeling like this:

Doctor Who GIF Anxious

And like this:

Big Band Theory GIF Anxious

And my procrastination has led me to feel like this about work this week:

The Office GIF Work

So guys, I’m probably not going to be around these parts very much this week. Don’t worry I’m coming back, but for this week I’ve got to kick it into gear and get it done!

Parks and Recreations GIF Work

See you guys some time after this craziness! 🙂

(But be sure to come back Wednesday because I am showing off my lovely sponsors)


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