Find Beauty Friday | Joy

Joy by Rend Collective

This post is not what I had planned today, but when I read this post by Rivers and Roads I knew that I needed to change my planned post and share what was on my heart.

Is it just me or is joy difficult? I find it easier to get caught up in negative feelings than to open up my heart to the complete joy that God provides. I wrote more about this topic this week in my guest post on The Castilles blog.

This song by Rend Collective really convicted me about joy in life. I need to cast aside my shadows, trust God with my sorrows, and let Him be the song of my heart!

I’m linking up with Aimee over at Click.Pray.Create today.


10 thoughts on “Find Beauty Friday | Joy

  1. It is in fact difficult. Sometimes I struggle with it also. So much better to focus on the positive and the joy of God though. Working on it daily.

  2. I LOVE Rend Collective. For me, they are right on up there with All Sons & Daughters on truth spoken in every lyric. So good. 🙂

    Joy is hard for me to find daily as well. Laying in bed at night, I try to think of those high points instead of what may have gotten me upset that day. Sometimes, it is hard to do. Writing down joys is something that I’ve been wanting to start journaling every day!

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