Songs That Will Live In Infamy

Music is the shorthand of emotion. Leo Tolstoy

I have always adored music! Sad, upbeat, emotional, peppy, lighthearted – I don’t really have a preference on what type of song. I love them all! Through the years I have come to find songs that have stuck with me. Songs that have been with me through high school, college, and emotional ups and downs.

I hope that you will take the time to listen to some of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

Today I am linking up with I Am Mrs K’s monthly blog challenge!

…And guess what…

A Blog Challenge


15 thoughts on “Songs That Will Live In Infamy

  1. I love Jose Gonzalez, especially Heartbeats… I wish I could say I found out about him in a cool way, but alas I was watching One Tree Hill (I know, I know, but I secretly love that show) Great Music Choices!

  2. Music can take you away from reality so easily; isn’t that such a lovely thing. I love how songs can bring back so many emotions and memories with it; that’s completely amazing to me!

    I’ve loved hosting the blog challenge, and I hope you do next month šŸ™‚ I look forward to seeing the new topics and linking up.

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