Loco About My Merco Box

Today I want to introduce you all to the Merco Local Box. If you haven’t heard of this subscription box before don’t worry – most people haven’t but that is only because they are still a new business. Merco Local was started in July 2013 and they are committed to providing local products. Merco Local is dedicated to “buying local” before shopping chain stores.

Merco Local Box

As a way to support local businesses and spread the news about mom and pop shops in Utah, Merco Local sells monthly subscription boxes filled with lots of goodies from Utah small businesses. When they contacted me about reviewing the April box I couldn’t be more excited! I had already been tempted to buy the April box when I saw an ad for Merco Local on Indie Ogden (a blog all about my city – so if you are curious about my city this blog is the place to go).

What was in April’s box you ask? All kinds of goodies!

Merco Local Box

| Eco Treasures Soap Nuts | These nuts are amazing! They have multiple purposes – you can use them as laundry detergent and cleaner. I have used these on every load of laundry since I received my box and they work great at removing the stink from dirty clothes. They don’t leave a chemically detergent smell on your clothing but simply leave your clothes smelling clean!

| Ashley’s Apothecary Healing Salve | Ok. This salve is absolutely wonderful! I have super dry hands and have yet to find the perfect lotion to remedy my dry, cracked hands, but this salve leaves my hands soft and smooth.

| Meals that Transform Power Bar & Protein Mix | I had Lyle try this apricot power bar and he thoroughly enjoyed it, and I had a friend try the protein mix and that was also a hit.

| Fit Me Teas | If you know anything about me then you know that I LOVE tea! And this tea is no exception. This tea is the perfect kick to start my day and it goes great with the tea cakes below.

Merco Local Box - Les Madelines Tea Cakes

| Les Madelines Tea Cakes | These tea cakes were the perfect fluffy, lemony treat! I was really sad when I took my last bite of these treats from Patisserie Cafe – I’m talking I almost cried – ok maybe it wasn’t that dramatic, but I did miss them.

| Mason Jar Colombia Guatica Coffee | For all you coffee lovers out there, you are going to want to buy some of this coffee. I’m not a huge coffee person but I loved this Colombia Guatica coffee from the Mason Jar – yum!

| Gift Cards | April’s Merco Box also came with lots of gift cards to local retailers such as Our Children’s Earth, Downtime Yoga, Ballet West, Mason Jar, and Rodizio Grill.

The Merco Box is $19.99 for a monthly subscription. With over $60 dollars of goods in the box $19.99 is well worth it! My experience with this wonderful local business was nothing but positive.

Don’t worry. If you’re not a Utah local you can still get some of these products from their Etsy shops, so go check them out!

Do you want a Merco box of your own for May? Use the code “iheartutah” for 25% off your order.


5 thoughts on “Loco About My Merco Box

  1. Hello! I just found your blog on twitter and really love it so thought I’d follow you. It’d be great if you followed me back on blogger and give me a tweet every now and then. I love to hear from my followers 🙂 The box looks like a lovely treat to get!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts! Much love xx


  2. This sounds really cool! I hope they do well and maybe expand! I would love to see something like this for my area. I might have to check and see if anything exists! 🙂

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