How I Journal |A Monthly Link-Up |

How I Journal | A Monthly Link Up |

I am so excited to introduce the How I Journal Monthly Link-Up to you all! For those of you that know me at all or have read my blog before you know that I love to journal. As I thought of ways to share my proud journal moments with you all I thought up this monthly link-up! Not only do I want to show you all my journal but I would also love to see your proud journal moments as well.

So here is how the How I Journal Monthly Link-Up works. The link-up will go live on the first Wednesday of the month and ends on the last day of the month. This is your chance to share your favorite recent journal entries. Share your artistic pages, your devotional moments, and your personal moments – whatever you would like!

| How I Journal Guidelines |
1. Link up your journal post(s) (not just the link to your blog).
2. Please follow your host and co-host on Bloglovin’.
3. Put the How I Journal button on your blog post or blog so that others can hear about this link-up.
4. Visit the other blogs participating!
5. Share this link-up on social media using #HowIJournal or pin the button on pinterest.

So there you have it! This month (for the first ever How I Journal Link-Up) I have the lovely Amy from Lovely Does It co-hosting with me!

How I Journal Monthly Link-Up

Paige {Host} | bloglovin | facebook | instagram | twitter | pinterest
Amy {Co-Host} | blog | bloglovin | instagram | pinterest

| And now it’s time for my How I Journal post! |
| I’m so giddy excited to share my favorite journal moments with you all! |

How I Journal Monthly Link Up | Moments for the Journey

1. I recently filled up a journal that I started in December! It’s such a bitter-sweet moment to finish a journal. Isn’t it?

2. One of my favorite pages in my journal is my “lazy Saturday” page. I wrote “lazy Saturday” really big on a page and then wrote all the wonderfully lazy things I did that day around it!

3. A couple of days each week I try to take time to write out prayers for Lyle in my journal. I feel like as a wife I don’t pray for my husband enough. By intentionally taking time to write out my prayers for Lyle I feel like it helps.

4. I love writing quotes on sticky notes and putting them in my journal!

5. One of my favorite things in my journal are my coffee stained note cards! They are so fun to play around and create with.

6. Who else writes quotes in their journals? ‘Cause my journal is filled with them! I couldn’t pass up writing down this saying – “Always be a little kinder than necessary”.

How I Journal Monthly Link-Up | Moments for the Journey

7. Some more awesome coffee stained note cards! Do you ever use envelopes in your journals? They are one of my favorite things to use in my journals.

8. I feel like a bit of a love-struck teenager when I do this, but I enjoy putting little keepsakes from dates that Lyle and I go on in my journal!

9. Have you ever heard this version of O’ Come, O’ Come Emmanuel? Yes I realize it isn’t Christmas, but I still had to share. We sang it in church one Sunday around Christmas time and I had to write it down so that I wouldn’t forget it’s awesomeness!

10. I love to list my favorite moments of the day in my journal. It is so relaxing to write out the simple pleasures of the day.

11. Even though I have been there more times than I can count. I had to buy postcards from Maggie Valley, NC to add to my journal while on Christmas vacation there with my family!

12. And of course I have to use washi tape to make my journal pretty!

13. This journal also contains my 2014 resolutions…I am thinking about doing an evaluation of how well these resolutions are going in my current journal…

There you have it folks! That is how I journal! I would love to see some of your favorite journal moments this month!

| Link up your entries below – I can’t wait to read your posts! |

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