New Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsoring a blog - Partner with Moments for the journey

I am so excited to announce that I am now offering paid sponsorships! I have done button swaps for a while and after much deliberation I have decided to move to paid sponsorships here on this ol’ blog. I read so many posts about sponsorships and made my pro-con list and ultimately these posts really helped me make my decision:

I even messaged Elizabeth at Oak & Oats about my thoughts on whether I should take the plunge into this next big step as a blogger, and I am so grateful for her help and advice!

This move to paid sponsorships is not something that I am taking lightly. I completely understand that this change will require more of me as a blogger and I am ready for that. Because I am a growing blog I am offering these spots at great affordable prices! I will still offer 6 swap spots per month (for those that do not like to pay for ad space).

Each month I will show off 11 lovely bloggers or shops in my sidebar and 1 lucky sponsor at the bottom of all of my posts.

So why should you advertise with me?

  • I sincerely want your blog/shop to grow.
  • I will do what I promise to do for your sponsorship spot.
  • I am organized and will work hard for your blog/shop.
  • I am motivated to grow my blog, which means that you will grow through me. As my blog grows so will yours.
  • I love meeting new bloggers and making new friends. You will not just be a sponsor to me. I will strive to connect with you. I will share your awesome work, and I will comment and interact with you on your blog.

| So what do ya’ say? Do you want to sponsor with me? |

Below are my sponsorship options:

**To my current swapper: Don’t worry, I plan to keep your buttons up through the end of March as we agreed. You do not need to send me a different button unless you would like to.**


Oh yeah! I almost forgot to tell you all that I am guest posting over at The Artsy Cajun today! You should head on over there and read my post about my hidden gem of vacation spots. I also guest posted over at Meet With A Smile today! You can head over there to read about what I’ve learned recently about giving my all to God.


6 thoughts on “New Sponsorship Opportunities

    1. That’s exciting! I will have to go check your spots out! (I can’t buy anything for the rest of March [the hubby and I decided to not zero money for the rest of the month] but I will definitely check yours out in April!)

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