Find Beauty Friday Link-Up

Vintage Coke Machine - Moments for the journey

It’s Friday! And that means I am linking-up with Aimee over at Click.Pray.Create. for her Find Beauty Friday link-up (formerly Dear Harper – sidenote congratulations Aimee on your re-branding and redesign!).

Lyle and I live in walking distance from a wonderful old-school ice cream and soda shop. During the Spring and Summer we walk there a lot in the evenings to have a tasty scoop of ice cream. I love going to this little shop because it is decorated with vintage items, sells vintage toys, and has amazing soups, sandwiches, and ice cream. The coke machine above is my favorite item in the shop. It is not only decoration; they still use to make perfect sodas. Cool right?

| Do you have a local store or restaurant you visit often? |

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16 thoughts on “Find Beauty Friday Link-Up

  1. Love it! There’s an old school barber shop, complete with spinny thing out front, and old chairs inside. It’s kind of like the “man hangout” spot in our town! I’d love a soda shop though!

      1. She used to a lot more than she does not, but yes, she has a ton of stuff! 🙂 People will pay big money for that vintage coke stuff!

  2. Cool photo! So cool that they use that AND it’s perfect decor! Glad to have from you from Aimee’s linkup 🙂 ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

  3. LOVE that picture! It’s so classic! Out here in Alaska, we don’t have any stores or restaurants 😦
    Some days I miss it more than others….I especially miss coffee shops though! Love finding locally owned places and cozying up for an afternoon of journaling and listening to worship music!

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