March Sponsor Group Feature

One of the greatest things about blogging is meeting new friends. And I have met some of the most wonderful women through button swaps. Each month I want to showcase my new friends in a group feature. In these features I will ask my sponsors one question so we can all get to know each other better.

I am so excited to show off 7 of the 8 lovely ladies in my sidebar today! If you haven’t checked them out yet you definitely need to! I look forward to posts from these bloggers, and get really excited when I see their post in my Bloglovin’ feed!

Monthly Sponsors Group Feature | March | Moments for the journey

The one thing I wanted to find out about these ladies this month is their favorite Spring activity. Check out their answers below!

| What is your favorite Spring activity? |

Aimee | Click.Pray.Create.
In the Spring my daughter and I like to take our cameras and go for walks around town taking pictures of anything we find interesting. Sometimes we will drive around with the windows down and stop to take photos of things we like, then grab a treat like a milkshake or slushie before we head home.
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Jessy | The Artsy Cajun
Once Spring arrives, Ginny and I will practically live out on our balcony! I can’t wait to throw open all of the windows and just breathe the warm air! But, my favorite Spring activity will be hiking with my Mr. While we were in Hawaii, we started hiking and we were hooked! Just to be in nature is so amazing!
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Britney | The Quiet Place
Going outside and enjoying the spring weather. Taking a walk with my dog.
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Beka | The I Love You’s
I grew up in New England, where we would often have snow all the way through mid-April some years! Now that I’m in Tennessee, I’m looking forward to planting a garden and implementing more outdoor activities as early as late February! But to be honest, what I’m most excited about for Spring this year is working with my husband at our local home & garden center, with my hands in dirt all day, smelling beautiful flowers and learning all I can about horticulture!
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Jenna | Dearest Love
Oh, spring. I’m all sorts of excited for this season to begin! The weather is usually perfect which means it’s time to get outside! During the day, I love going to farmer’s markets to get fresh produce and pretty flowers for my dining room table. My favorite evening spring activity is having friends over for a cookout and then playing bocce until well after the sun has gone down. It always makes for fun memories!
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Jess | Polished Arrow
Although my favorite season is fall and I love cold weather, I do enjoy all that spring and summer brings! Spring finally gives us days where we can open the windows in the house all day, enjoy the flowers that spring up from the ground, and spend countless hours outside. Just being outside in general is my favorite thing about Spring. I have a hammock and I love spending hours just hanging in between trees enjoying the blue skies, while reading a book. Also, there are always some April showers and one of my favorite things is when it is raining, while the sun is shining so bright at the same time!
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Suzanne | Just Another Girl
My favourite spring activity is going outside for long walks. It doesn’t matter where I go or who goes with me. I just like the feeling of new beginnings in the air, being able to smell the world again (where I live, everything gets frozen over in the winter and there is absolutely nothing to smell outside), and to be able to walk outside without all my Eskimo gear!
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If you would like to get to know these ladies more, just hop on over to their blogs.

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