Spring Cleaning {52 Lists: Week 10}

52 Lists Week 10 - List the ways you can cleanse for Spring

Another week, another list! It’s time again – Tuesdays mean MooreaSeal’s 52 Lists Prompt! This week’s prompt was “list the ways you can cleanse for Spring.”

As a woman who HATES cleaning, I obviously wasn’t super excited about this prompt. The moment you think about cleaning is the moment you actually have to get up and do said cleaning. So it’s better to just never think about it. Am I right, or am I right?

Anyway, with hesitation I sat down and wrote out the ways that I could clean up around here for Spring in my journal. Here’s my list:

  • Clean and organize the basement.
  • Clean and organize the spare rooms.
  • De-clutter: get rid of the junk in my house!
  • Clean the outside of my windows (talk about dirty).
  • Finish the kitchen renovation.
  • Set up a work space on the bar in the kitchen.
  • Set up patio furniture.
  • Get new curtains (they used to be brown, now they are a weird purplish color).
  • Swap out winter clothes with spring and summer clothes.
  • Hang pictures above the mantel.
  • | What’s on your Spring cleaning list? |


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    10 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning {52 Lists: Week 10}

    1. I need to do a spring cleaning list, too! With the wedding 2 months away, I’m going to have a ton of people in my apartment and it’s a wreck! Time to get on that, I suppose! Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

    2. First, Happy Birthday!!!!
      Second, great list! I definitely need to declutter. Then get to the rest on the list. Haha.


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