If my eyes could speak… {Find Beauty Friday Link-Up}

Happy Friday y’all! I am so excited to be linking-up with Aimee over at Dear Harper for Find Beauty Friday. Aimee’s link-up makes Fridays even more awesome. I enjoy intentionally looking for beauty in the moments throughout the week and getting to see all the beauty that other bloggers share.

Washburn Mandolin

Earlier this week I shared a post that listed my favorite quotes from The Book Thief. My absolute favorite line from that book/movie is “If your eyes could speak, what would they say?”

When I started putting together this post I couldn’t help but think of this quote. I took a deeper look at this picture and I ask myself, “what would my eyes say about this picture?” So I decided to sit and describe this picture with abandon. So here it is – if my eyes could speak this is what they would say:

The beauty of this mandolin leaves me smiling as I slowly take in the rich brown wood the color of decadent chocolate, the rough prickles of the perfectly imperfect grains, and the intricate, unique, vintage metal knobs that tune the smooth, twangy sound that explodes from its body as it’s played. The craftsmanship and artistic eye that went into this instrument is astounding!

| What beauty did you see this week? What would your eyes say about it? |


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