The Great Tubing Adventure

snow and tubing

This past Saturday, Lyle and I took our youth group on a winter retreat at a Bible camp in the area. It was a full day of services, snow, and sledding. Everyone had a blast (a cold blast, but a blast none the less). I wanted to share some pictures from our fun adventurous day.

Snow in Liberty, UT

Cold day in the snow

Pioneer Bible Camp in the snow

Snow mobile rides

This weekend I experienced my first snow mobile ride (this is not me on the snow mobile FYI).


Tubing on a long, fast hill

Yay tubing

Yay tubing!

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6 thoughts on “The Great Tubing Adventure

  1. That looks like fun!! We’ve gone sledding a few times this winter, but I haven’t been on a snowmobile in a couple years!

  2. Oh my gosh! This looks like so much fun! Do you guys need a youth intern?? I’m definitely available! haha! Sledding was definitely my favorite when I was in Tahoe, so I’m thinking this would be right up there. I also rode a snowmobile for the first time when living in CA and I will admit, I was somewhat terrified.

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