10 Things 20-Something’s Should START Doing

The other day I saw this video:

Hilarious right! Now I know that was a little over the top, but it does hit on what today’s twenty year olds are like. We get caught up in unimportant things and our only focus is an easy life that we think should only have self-fulfilling moments. We never want to deal with hard moments (that will come no matter how much we don’t want them). We all need to start taking some responsibility for our lives.

I just read this great post about what 20-Something’s (and teens) should start doing over at taylormurray.me, and I wanted to share it with you because I thought it went well with this topic. Thank you Taylor for sharing such a great list.


So there’ve been all these posts lately talking about “things that 20-something’s should stop doing…” It’s easy for me to point out what people aren’t doing, but it’s probably more beneficial for us to think of things we should be doing… So here’s a list of 10 things (random and not in any particular order) that 20-somethings (this also goes for TEENAGERS, as well as those beyond their 20’s) should start doing:

1. Be a Mentor. You probably have a lot to give. You’ve been through a lot, you’ve made mistakes, and you’ve probably learned a lot of lessons. Go share that with someone who’s where you were just a few short years ago. Every Timothy needs a Paul.

2. Find a Mentor. You haven’t arrived. The things you don’t know outweigh the things you do know 10 to 1. All the successful people I know are not only…

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5 thoughts on “10 Things 20-Something’s Should START Doing

  1. Love that list! It is definitely a great one and there are so many on their that I want to start doing or keep doing. That video is hilarious as well, but actually quite true! ha! I really want to read Paul Angone’s book, “101 Secrets for Your Twenties.”

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