Reminiscing: Our Engagement

moments for the journey engagement ring our story love

Last week I shared the story of how I met my wonderful hubby, and the start of our relationship here. This week I wanted to continue what I think is a beautiful story, and tell y’all about our engagement. So sit back and enjoy our sweet little love story.

After dating for almost 5 months, I decided to take a trip home to visit my family for fall break. Lyle decided to join me on my trip back to South Carolina, and I was so excited! We spent the entire drive to my hometown talking and laughing and truly enjoying one another’s company. The eight-hour drive flew by.

The fall break passed quickly and was full of laughs and relaxation! We had a blast hanging out with my family, so we were a little bummed about leaving. On our last night at my childhood home Lyle and my dad decided to play billiards in the garage while my mom and I hung out and talked while I packed. The next morning as I was getting ready to go my mom came upstairs to my room and sat on the floor and just smiled at me. I kept asking her to tell me why she was smiling so much, and all she would do is smile bigger. Eventually (after I changed the subject) she finally said, “Okay, I’m going to tell you something but you CANNOT let on that I told you this. Last night Lyle asked your dad for your hand in marriage.” I was so excited! She went on to tell me that he told my father that he loved me more than he knew how to express with words and that he couldn’t imagine his future without me in it. My father responded saying that it would be an honor to call him a son-in-law, and gave him a hug with tears in his eyes.

You can imagine how hard it was to ride 8 hours in a car on the way back to Tennessee without letting the words “Ask me to marry you right now” bursting out of my mouth. I thought that those 8 hours would be hard, but as the next couple of weeks went by I started getting a little nervous that he had changed his mind.

On November 14, 2008 Lyle asked me to go on a date with him to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. The whole time I was getting ready my roommate (mentioned in my last post about how we meet) kept telling me that that night was the night. She said, “He is definitely asking you tonight.” But I just kept thinking no way; it had been so long since he talked to my dad about it that he must have changed his mind.

Lyle picked me up for our date at the dorms, and he looked great! He was actually wearing a button up shirt, which was not his normal jeans and a t-shirt style. He told me that we were going to the Melting Pot for dinner but he had to make a stop first. When we pulled up to the walking trail where he had first told me he loved me, I started to get a little more suspicious. We walked to the end of the trail where it overlooked the river, and we stood there holding hands talking about something (I can’t remember what it was about now…5 years later).

I started to get a little perturbed because he kept looking past me instead of looking at me as we talked. He was completely not listening to me and it was getting on my nerves. So I asked “What are you looking at?” I turned around to look behind me, and saw nothing. When I turned back to where Lyle was standing he was on one knee and holding a little black box. Inside of it sat a beautiful diamond ring! Then Lyle said, “Paige, I really love you…and the first time we were here I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. In fact, six months ago I wanted to ask you…Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes!

I called my parents on the way to the restaurant to let them know that it had finally happened, and after a romantic dinner at the Melting Pot Lyle dropped me back off at the dorms. I was so excited to show off my beautiful ring to my roommate!

That night was beautiful, sweet, and romantic, and I still catch myself marveling at the fact that such a patient, kind, adventurous, and loving man asked me to marry him on November 14, 2008.

moments for the journey engagement ring our story love

You can read about how we meet and started dating here in case you missed it.


8 thoughts on “Reminiscing: Our Engagement

  1. Very sweet! My fiancé didn’t ask for my hand because he was so afraid that someone would let on to me about it. I’m glad I didn’t have to go through the little bit of torture you did before he finally asked! lol. Congrats!

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