What are you grateful for?

moments for the journey 52 lists

I know most people  make lists of what they are thankful in November around Thanksgiving, but I decided to make my lists of things I am grateful for in February. So I made a list of 50 things that I make my life wonderful, easy, and fun.

  1. My salvation through Christ
  2. The Bible
  3. My loving, hard-working husband
  4. My pastor and pastor’s wife
  5. My mom
  6. My dad
  7. My grandparents
  8. The teens in mine and Lyle’s youth group
  9. My house
  10. My car
  11. My computer
  12. My phone
  13. All of my clothes
  14. Food
  15. Sleep
  16. The view of the mountains from my living room window
  17. My sweet puppy dog
  18. My stubborn cat
  19. Christian co-workers
  20. My boss
  21. Worship song time at church
  22. Sunday evenings with the teens
  23. Warm blankets
  24. My couch
  25. Diet coke
  26. Hot tea
  27. My kindle
  28. Office supplies
  29. Heat
  30. Snow – because it keeps us from experiencing drought in the summer time
  31. The Avett Brothers
  32. Movies – too many to list
  33. Being able to go out to eat often
  34. My blog
  35. My journal
  36. Netflix
  37. Airplanes – makes travel to see family across the country much easier
  38. Candles
  39. Hot bubble baths
  40. Cameras – to capture special/everyday moments
  41. Comfy pajamas
  42. House slippers
  43. iTunes radio
  44. Board games
  45. Fuzzy socks
  46. Chick-fil-a
  47. Pinterest – for decorating ideas
  48. Amazon – makes shopping way too easy
  49. Deodorant
  50. Lazy Saturdays

I could keep going, but I don’t want you all to have to read a forever long post. What are some of the things you are grateful for? I would love to read about them, so leave me comment.

(Participating in Moorea Seals’ 52 Lists)


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