Reminiscing: Girl meets boy

dating, moments for the journeyThe other night I was sitting here in front of my computer and I realized that I had never shared mine and Lyle’s story on here before. I share about our current adventures all the time, but I haven’t sat down and taken the time to share about our past. In realizing this, I decided to share with y’all our love story. Because our story is a little long I will split it up into a few different segments. Today I want to share with y’all our story of how we met.

Our story begins Fall of 2007…it was my first semester of college at a small bible college in Nashville, TN. I had moved 8 hours away from home, and was looking forward to my independence. But of course with attending a small bible college, finding a prospective husband was always on my mind. In high school, I had never really dated and I was excited to see what the future held on the “guy” horizon. Of course, all of my new friends were finding dates right away, and I was left as the third wheel most nights.

One night, as I was hanging out as the third wheel with a couple of friends who weren’t technically dating yet but were definitely working in that direction, Lyle walked up and began talking with us. He and the guy that was wooing my friend were pals and often hung out. That night Lyle ended up hanging out with us…well it was more like Lyle and I awkwardly sat as our friends talked googly-eyed with one another. After that awkward and weird night, Lyle and I didn’t talk to each other for the rest of the semester. We actually never saw each other for the rest of the semester. I had already written him off as definitely not interested in me.

Skip ahead with me to Spring semester 2008…I was sitting in the student center with my awesome roommate (and future maid-of-honor). We were sitting at one of the computers looking at Facebook, when Lyle walks up and starts talking to us.  My mind immediately said, “Wow, he’s cute. I really wish he was interested in me.” After some chatting and joking around, this super cute guy asked if we wanted to go to Starbucks with him. My roommate, being the sweet sneaky person she is tried to act like she had homework to do, but me being the shy ridiculous person I am insisted she come along anyway. We three went to Starbucks and spent the evening talking about anything and everything that we could think of. All the while I was positive that this wonderfully funny man wasn’t interested in me, and he was sure that I wasn’t that interested in him because I wouldn’t go alone, and she was 100% positive that we were both ridiculous and blind.

After that night, Lyle and I kept “running” into each other on campus increasingly more often. We would both purposefully hang out in the student center (in the center of campus) in hopes of seeing one another. Spring break proved to be the longest week of my life as I spent it back in South Carolina, and that is when I really realized I had it bad for this man. After I returned from Spring break, Lyle and I spent as much time together as we could. We would sit outside for hours and talk about EVERYTHING.

As the semester came to a close, I decided to get an apartment in Nashville, work for a really great company as an administrative assistant, help out a small church in their children’s ministry, and of course…stay close to Lyle.

sumo suit, dating, moments for the journey
Lyle and I laughed together so much that summer. He still makes me laugh and smile more than anyone else in my life. He truly is an amazing man, and my perfect match.

That summer Lyle and I spent every waking moment together, and it still holds some of my most amazing memories of laughter and new love. That summer I heard the words “I love you” from the man who I knew without a doubt that I would marry someday.

Lyle and I officially started “dating” on May 14, 2008, after I finally asked, “So, are we dating?” And Lyle surprisingly replied, “I assumed we were always dating.” 🙂 We dated for 6 more months before the wonderful night when he asked me to marry him…oh I’m getting ahead of myself. That’s a story for another day…


9 thoughts on “Reminiscing: Girl meets boy

    1. I went to Welch College on West End. We really enjoyed Nashville. It’s a fantastic city! I actually worked on music row, which was awesome! Of course it was for an IT company, not a music company…but still cool! 🙂

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