A To Do List of Sorts…

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It is one of my favorite days of the week once again! I love Tuesdays when I sit down and write that week’s list from 52 Lists. As I sit down on my ridiculously comfy couch, wrap up in my soft blanket, and grab a cup of tea, I settle in and think about that week’s list prompt. This week is week four, which by the way (as a side note) am I the only one that can’t believe it is already the fourth week of 2014? Anyway, back on point, this week’s prompt was “List your current and future goals and dreams.”

I decided to make my list short, so it obviously doesn’t include all of my goals and dreams, but if you are interested in seeing some of my future dreams check out my bucket list.

Here goes my list:

  • I want to see Italy – all of it! I want to sit at a little cafe drinking a hot tea while marveling at God’s creation and the man-made architecture.
  • I want to become a better blogger. I want to write more – not just in quantity, but also better quality.
  • I want to learn more about graphic design.
  • I want to read my Bible everyday – I am far too inconsistent currently.
  • I want to cook dinner for my husband more often.
  • I want to move back to the Carolina(s) (one day).
  • I want to go self-hosting on my blog – the process scares me a little, but I want to do it.
  • I want to spend more time in prayer.

What about you? What are your current and/or future goals? I would love to read about them.


6 thoughts on “A To Do List of Sorts…

  1. So, when this idea (52 Lists) came out, I totally wanted to jump on board with it. But, sadly I forgot all about it! I’m so glad you posted this and that we found each other’s blogs when we did, because it reminded me. I definitely am going to start in on it now. 🙂 Love your list and learning more about graphic design is a great one! I’ve said that if I could go back to school, I would do graphic design. However, if I could do any career, I would want to be an architect. I’m obsessed with architecture.

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