The Things I Should Be Proud Of

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Last night I sat down and worked on this week’s 52 Lists. I have to say that this week’s list was the hardest so far. I had to list the things I should be proud of…and well, my ability to list positive things about myself definitely did not make the list.

Things I should be proud of:

  • I married the most amazing man.
  • I have a sweet puppy that loves me.
  • Jesus saved me!
  • I have a wonderful family.
  • I finished 5 years of college in 3 years.
  • I am organized.
  • I don’t mind doing the background work that most people over look and recognize.
  • I was always able to write awesome research papers in school.
  • I have been to Mexico.
  • I have been to Tokyo, Japan.
  • I spent 4 summers in a student leadership conference.
  • Lyle and I have a great home.
  • Lyle and I lead a group of teenagers as church youth leaders.
  • I have a job that challenges me in every way.

Man, that was a hard list to make. Not only is it hard for me to see my positives, but I also feel like I am bragging about myself. Writing this was good in that I actually had to sit down and think about the things that God has blessed me with – the people He has brought into my life, the challenges He has helped me overcome, and the opportunities He has brought before me. Without Christ my life would be much different, and I would not be able to list any of these things on this list. I know that for sure, and writing this list was a great reminder.

Are there any things in your life that you can be proud of and praise God for?



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