Build Your Kingdom Here

Okay y’all! This past week I have been OBSESSED with “Build Your Kingdom Here” by The Rend Collective, and I just couldn’t let this week pass without sharing it with you all. So take a few minutes…well, 4 minutes and 26 seconds to be exact, and listen to an amazing song!

Well, what did you think? Did you really listen to those words? Awesome right!?

More and more lately, I am realizing that today’s church needs a serious revival. I’m talking, throw out all of the preconceived notions of what we think a Christian should be. Throw out our ideas of what God’s Kingdom is, and open up our hearts to learn what God really desires from us.

He wants ALL of us – every part of our heart and soul. He wants us to desire nothing but Him. God’s kingdom is already here, and we Christians are walking around like it’s our kingdom. We are acting like what matters is our wants, needs, and pleasures. Man do we have it wrong! We exist to further His kingdom. He graciously gave His Son’s life so that we can be with Him, and He commanded us to go and tell the world about Him!

We have all, myself included, gotten too comfortable in our own little bubbles. If we opened up ourselves to God, He could use us to do great things. We exist to do much more than what we are doing.

Will you pray with me that today’s church will open our hearts to a true, powerful, life-altering revival? Pray that God will set our hearts ablaze with fire for Him.


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