Another month flew by: July Report Card

July Report Card

I LOVED July! Last month provided relaxation, family time, and tons of laughs. Lyle, Daisy, and I had a blast on our vacation and we all hated coming back to real life.

So now on to July’s Resolutions…

Read 3 books – 100%

I definitely accomplished this. I actually read 8 books last month (well, to be honest 2 of those were audiobooks that Lyle and I listened to on the drive from Utah to South Carolina…it’s a very long drive:)). Even if they were audiobooks, I am going to count them. Here are the books I read/listened to in July:

  • Stuck in the Middle
  • The Burn
  • Infraction
  • Open Minds
  • Waiting Fate
  • The Lucky One (audiobook)
  • Night Road (audiobook)
  • The Color of Water in July

These were all free books that I read on my kindle, except for the audiobooks, which I checked out from the library. Most of them were okay books; none were spectacular. But to be honest, I didn’t really have high expectations for them. Even if they weren’t enthralling, I still enjoyed reading them (with the exception of The Color of Water in July). You can go to my Goodreads profile to take a look at these books if you’d like.

#blimeycowphotoaday Challenge – 39%

Each day of July had a topic and everyone that participated took a picture pertaining to that theme and shared it on Instagram.

Unfortunately, I only completed 12 days out of the 31 days in July.

Head over to my Instagram here to see my pictures from #blimeycowphotoaday (the few I did :)).

Clean the pigsty that is our house and keep it clean – 80%

I feel like I did a pretty good job cleaning up. The only reason I didn’t give 100% on this one, is because I still have more clutter happening in the kitchen than I would like.

Relax and enjoy time with the family – 100%

This is what made July so wonderful! I loved spending an entire week just relaxing with my family. And bonus, we even got to spend a few days with Lyle’s family, which was awesome. I might even share a few pictures from our trip – after I sort through the bazillion pictures I took.

Seek out ways to show that I am a Christ-follower – I’m not really sure how to give a grade on this…

I definitely could have done better on this one. I ended up spending a lot of time alone or with only my family at the lake. I didn’t really have much contact with tons of people this past month (the introvert in me LOVED it), but it didn’t really provide tons of opportunities to show God’s love 😦

Grade: 64%

How did you do last month on your resolutions?


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