Some things never get old: Top 10 Favorite Movies

Top Ten Movies

Do you have any movies that you have watched countless times? Movies that never get old? I know I do, and I just wanted to share with you my top ten favorite movies that I can watch over and over again.
1. I’m Reed Fish
2. My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend
3. Center Stage
4. The Blind Side
5. The Last Song
6. Dan in Real Life
7. Red Dawn
8. Courageous
9. The Holiday
10. The Hunger Games

I have seriously lost count of how many times I have watched these 10 movies, and each time I watch them they only get better. Now don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of other movies out there that I have watched a bazillion times, but those are usually movies that I have to be in a specific mode to watch. Whereas these 10 movies are always awesome no matter what mode I am in at that time.

I would love to hear about some of your favorite movies…what movies never get old for you?


One thought on “Some things never get old: Top 10 Favorite Movies

  1. Ooh! New movies to watch! 😀 I love Courageous as well! And the Princess Bride too… I actually did a post on my three fav movies a while ago too. 🙂

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