It has been a long time since I have linked up with Harvesting Kale’s currently posts. So I thought I would take a few minutes to participate this week.

Currently I am…

Loving… my new kindle paperwhite that I got a few weeks ago and my pretty black and white chevron cover I got a few days ago for it Isn’t it pretty?IMGP0986

Craving… My favorite Japanese food around here: Hibachi House of Clinton. All I can say is yum. I always get their chicken hibachi bowl and slather it with their homemade white sauce. The only downer is it is about 15-20 minutes away :(.

Missing…  watching new episodes of Doctor Who. I am so ready for the 8th series to start. Lyle and I recently watched all of the classic episodes that are on Netflix, but they are nowhere near as good as the modern episodes. But watching those classics episodes made me wish that there were more new ones available to watch. The 50th anniversary episode airs on November 23rd, and I am so excited!

Listening… to a lot of Ascend The Hill lately. If you have never listen to their music before you should definitely check them out.20121028-164500.jpg
Wishing… I actually liked fireworks so that July 4th was even cooler. I just find the loud pops and the smelly smoke annoying (please don’t hate me for this).What are you currently up to?

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