July Resolutions

July Resolutions

I am so excited about July! Lyle and I are taking a road trip back home to see my family. This will be Daisy’s first road trip (by the way isn’t she the cutest dog ever?) and we are planning on camping along the way.

Here are this month’s resolutions (I kept them short and sweet):

Read 3 books

I am really enjoying reading a lot more lately and I really want to keep it up.

#blimeycowphotoaday Challenge

Each day of the month has a topic and everyone that participates take a picture pertaining to that theme and shares it on Instagram. Head over to my Instagram here to see my pictures each day.

If you have never watched any of Blimey Cow’s videos, you should check them out. Here’s their website: Blimey Cow

Clean the pigsty that is our house and keep it clean

I didn’t complete this resolution last month, so I figured I kind of have to try again this month. And since I am not working quite as many hours this month, I really have no excuse not to get this done this month.

Relax and enjoy time with the family

It has been a LONG time since Lyle and I have done this. We saw my family back in January, but that was 6 months ago. And I am in desperate need of some mom, mema, and me time :). We are going to spend a week relaxing at the lake – reading, lounging, and laughing.

Seek out ways to show that I am a Christ-follower

Lyle and I attend Summit Chapel and the pastor, Tim Lewis, is preaching a series based on the book Not a Fan. It is about becoming more than a fan of Christ, and becoming a real follower. His sermons are really convicting to really live out my faith. I don’t want to call myself a Christian unless I am striving to live my life like Christ and wholeheartedly follow Him. Of all of my resolutions this month, this is the one I desperately want to follow through on and accomplish.

What are your resolutions this month?


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2 thoughts on “July Resolutions

  1. Great goals! Good luck with cleaning. It seems like my dad and sister are always ruining my hard work here, so I hope you have better luck. And reading books can be so rewarding, I’m glad to see that you’ve made it a goal. (My English major side is freaking out.) Do you have specific books or genres in mind?

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