June Resolutions: Let the summer fun begin!

June Resolutions

Read 3 books

I even have them already picked out. Check them out:


My plan is to finish Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis, The Princess Bride by William Goldman, and The Help by Kathryn Stockett. Who knows I may even finish some others as well.

Get up off of the couch and do something outside at least 3 times a week.

Last month I didn’t stick to this resolution as well as I had wanted, so I am going to see if it goes better this month.
Go backpacking at least twice.

Lyle and I have been working all year at upgrading our backpacking gear and I am so excited to get to use it all. We have gotten better sleeping bags, first aid kit (I hope we don’t have to use this but I am glad we have a better kit just in case), water filtration system, and Daisy has a new pack as well. I have recently bought new hiking shoes that actually fit and a few other hiking apparel items.

Clean the pigsty that is our house and keep it clean.

This needs no explanation (and I am way too embarrassed to actually explain just how dirty our house is to the world). If I don’t complete any other resolutions this month, I must follow through with this one.

Start developing the girl’s small group lesson series on evangelism.

This month in the girl’s small group that we have on the third Sunday of every month we will finish working through the book that we have worked on for quite a while now. That means it is time for me to come up with the next series that we will work through. The girls picked evangelism as the topic to cover next, so I want to start working on getting lessons together on this topic.

So those are my resolutions for June. What goals have you set for yourself this month?


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