Shoes, Crickets, Prayer, & Yearbooks: Moments that Matter Mondays


Moment 1: Concert of Prayer on Monday. Monday night was an amazing night. I really felt God working that night. God is so great, and I am constantly amazed at what a blessing it is to be able to come before Him in prayer and speak to Him as a father, friend, and counselor.

Moment 2: Buying my Vibram 5-Finger Shoes. Check them out:


And the awesome part about this moment was the price – They were on clearance for $19!!

Moment 3: Passing out the yearbooks on Friday. Friday was the last day of school! I finally got to pass out the yearbooks to the students. I think that everyone liked it. From what I saw, everyone enjoyed looking through it at pictures of themselves and having their friends sign their books.

Moment 4: Finishing When Crickets Cry. This book by Charles Martin is one of my favorite books ever. The first time I read it, I feel in love with the characters. It had been a while since I read it last, so this past week I decided to read it again, and as I read it I feel in love with the characters all over again. If you have never read this book, you definitely should.


Those were the simple moments that happened to me this week that made me smile.


What were your moments that mattered this past week?



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