Moments that Matter Monday: Week 4

Moments That Matter Mondays

Moment 1: Walking in the Walk For Life. This year’s Walk For Life, although small in turn out with our teens, was fun. Maddie was the only teen from our youth group to raise money and show up for the walk, and Maddie and I had a blast walking at Layton Commons Park. We walked along the creek, enjoyed the breeze and sunshine, and enjoyed chatting. We have this little guy walk with us:


Moment 2: Learning a new worship song on Sunday. I love the praise and worship time of church on Sundays. This week our worship leaders introduced a song called “Closer.” I really enjoyed learning this new song. Check it out:

Moment 3: Talking with my mom on the phone. I have the most awesome mom on the planet. She is my best friend. Living so far away from her is hard and I miss her tons. Talking on the phone with her yesterday definitely qualifies as a moment that mattered this week.

Moment 4: Seeing this cartoon: (Cracked me up :))


What were your moments that mattered this week? I would love to hear about them!


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